Age :40
Day Job: Accountant

Bruwer lives in Stellenbosch. He is married to Retha and they have two kids, Rebekah, aged 6 and Cillié, aged 3. He loves being a dad, spending time with the kids and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible.

Bruwer is signing up for this challenge to honour his grandmother’s passion for educating underprivileged children and helping them succeed in life. Bruwer’s grandmother, Babette Havenga, has been instrumental in changing the lives of many young children as a teacher at Harold Cressy High in Cape Town. She taught them that, notwithstanding their circumstances, anything is possible, if only they believe in themselves. Many of her pupils have become successful doctors, actuaries, lawyers, accountants etc. She even taught our previous Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel.